By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

halloween treats not sugarI can remember many years ago going around neighborhoods during Halloween for treats. I wish I knew back then what I knew now about kids health, sugar, diabetes, and brain health. Diabetes runs in my family and boy did we load up on sugar, especially during Halloween! The treats I would be given consisted of M&Ms, lollipops, chocolate kisses, candy corn, peanut crunch with sugary caramel, various chocolate delights, bubble gum and the list goes on and on. Maybe back when I was young, all I had to deal with was a tummy ache, brain fog and perhaps a few pimples here and there due to the sugar overload but as this occurred each year the symptoms tended to get worse and worse.

Halloween is fun for many and we enjoy making funny faces on pumpkins each year but do the treats associated with the holiday have to be so bad for us? There can be healthier options! When I people watch in a mall or store I feel sad when I see children that are overweight, I get concerned what kind of future they will have and if they already have Diabetes. I also tend to watch kids and their behavior. Today I was in Walmart, and there were so many children screaming and yelling. I could never imagine raising my voice at my mom while she was shopping! Why are today’s’ children so upset? I have to think that a big part of it is their daily diet including how much sugar they are eating.

There are plenty of Halloween Treats that are not loaded with sugar! Kids CAN enjoy them and parents too! So have fun on Halloween! Enjoy gathering treats but this year, step up and start improving the health of your children and those that will be knocking on your door on Halloween!

1. Yogurt covered raisins
2. Nut and raisin mixes
3. Lollipops from a health food store
4. Fruit leathers from a health food store
5. Fruit on a stick with mini marshmallows
6. Bananas with funny faces drawn on the peel
7. Popcorn bags with scary faces drawn on the bags
8. Rice Krispie treats with funny faces
2. 9, Orange Colored Cubed Cheese and raisins on a stick
3. 10. Oranges cut into jack o lanterns and filled with berries
4. 11 . Hard- boiled eggs with scary faces drawn on the shell (after cooked)

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