By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

It seems like “just” a pretty pot…….The truth about heavy metals is that they are toxic and we are affected by heavy metals more than most of us would think. We can not avoid heavy metals altogether, but we can reduce our exposure. Another fascinating but sad truth is that newborns are born with almost 300 different types of toxins in their blood according to the Environmental Working Group study.

On the average day we are being exposed to heavy metals. Most people are unknowingly affected by aluminum simply by using items such as aluminum cookware, deodorant, soda or beer cans, drinking water, processed cheese and flour. None of these things seem like a threat of course. Even the prettiest teapot can have heavy metals. However, aluminum toxicity can cause ADHD, mental confusion, anxiety, stomach aches, burning pain, headaches, and more.

Mercury is another heavy metal that most do not think much of and it is everywhere including the water, soil, and air. If you have the silver dental fillings called dental amalgam fillings, you have mercury in your mouth. Enjoy sushi? Most sushi type fish have mercury too. Some of the “energy saving” light bulbs also contain mercury. Having high levels of mercury can affect your nervous and digestive systems, causing memory loss and disorientation, and behavioral issues in children.

These are just two out of many heavy metals that could be affecting your health. By now you are probably wondering, “How can I tell if I have heavy metal toxicities?” That is a good question, and I have a great answer for you! You can find out if you have a heavy metal load by performing our Toxic Elements Hair Analysis Test Kit. Who should test for heavy metals? To answer that question- I personally think that everyone should do the hair analysis since the truth is that we are exposed to so many heavy metals in our environment.

Here are some symptoms of heavy metal toxicity

Muscle twitches
•trouble sleeping
•high blood pressure
•brain fog
•feeling toxic
•hair loss
•Parkinson’s-like symptoms
•pain and stiffness

You do not have to struggle with heavy metal toxicity symptoms. You can detox naturally because the Toxic Elements Hair Test comes with a protocol to help your body naturally eliminate harmful metals. So, go ahead and listen to what your hair has to say about YOU!

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