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911 Operator: 911- What is the emergency?
Menopausal Women: I feel like I‘m on fire, just got hit with a surge of heat throughout my whole body and am sweating profusely…

What is a Hot Flash? It is a surge of heat that can strike at anytime and anywhere during the menopause stage of life that usually leaves a woman drenched in sweat followed by chills. Hot flashes can disturb sleep, causing other adverse side effects like not being able to concentrate and moodiness.

The Truth About Hot Flashes
Almost all women will experience hot flashes whether before or after menopause at least one time in their life. The average time frame for having hot flashes is about seven years however, for some; hot flashes can last up to ten years and for some women it can last 15 years or more! The song, “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!” just went through my head!

What Causes Hot Flashes?
Contrary to what many believe, having low estrogen is not necessarily the cause of hot flashes, many women of all ages can have low estrogen and not experience hot flashes. However, most experts do agree that having low estrogen during menopause cause hot flashes. Hormone replacement therapy which has been linked to ovarian and breast cancer is not the only option to dealing with out of whack hormones that are causing annoying symptoms like hot flashes. You can help reduce hot flashes by avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, stress, and of course heat. Here is a look at what happens when estrogen and progesterone are not at optimal levels.

Low Estrogen can cause depression, fatigue, lack of motivation, hot flashes, and hair loss.

Low Progesterone can cause miscarriages, infertility, insomnia, weight gain, depression, hot flashes, irregular periods, and hair loss as well.

With symptoms like those, no wonder menopause scares most women! That is why it is essential to have your hormones balanced if you want to alleviate your menopause symptoms and hot flashes.

So what is a woman to do when she feels like she has been lit up like a match? Is there any hope out there naturally? Yes, I am happy to tell you that there is hope! The first thing I recommend is getting your hormones tested with our Hormone Saliva Test Kit. Our hormone saliva test is highly accurate, safe to perform, stable, convenient, non-invasive and many times gives clients the answers they are looking for when blood testing does not. So, go ahead and help yourself by helping your hormones! All test results come with an explanation and an all natural protocol!

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We care about you and want you to enjoy this stage of your life Without Hot Flashes.

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