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What is a Virtual Nutritionist? 

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January 8, 2023 

What is a Virtual Nutritionist? 

A virtual nutritionist will help you reach your health and weight goals while providing the same face-to-face appointments using technology like Zoom, facetime, or phone.

Working with a virtual nutritionist means no rushing to meetings, no driving, and getting stuck in traffic. Easy!


What to Expect When Seeing a Virtual Nutritionist?

As a whole, when you visit a certified, holistic nutritionist, you can expect that they will want to get to know your health struggles, wellness goals, weight goals, daily diet, and any supplements you may be using. Expect that they want to know you as an individual, so they can help you reach your goals quickly and easily.

After you share with me, I will create a personalized diet, nutrition, and supportive supplement plan. I may also order comprehensive health or metabolic labs to find metabolic blocks preventing you from reaching your goals.

As a general rule, your first follow will be very eye-opening as we will review your progress and labs together. I want you to learn precisely what your body needs via nutrition for optimal health.

Can Seeing a Virtual Nutritionist Help You Lose Weight? 

I do not struggle to get the weight off of my clients. I have over 30 years of success fixing the metabolism and getting results. Seeing a  nutritionist can help you lose weight and keep it off if the plan is personalized. 

People often meet with me virtually or in person and are at rock bottom. They are frustrated because they have tried many weight loss plans which did not work. The solution is that the program needs to be personalized based on their metabolism. What works for one person may only work for one person.


What is is Like Working With a Nutritionist? 

Here are 7 Things to Help You Know What it is Like Working With a Nutritionist. 

  • You will discover many new things about diet, nutrition, food, and metabolism. 
  • You will learn that diet and nutrition are more than counting calories. 
  • You will know that one diet is not suitable for everyone, which is why many diets fail. 
  • You will determine with your nutritionist which meal plan is best for you and your health. 
  • You will learn how to lose weight and keep it off. 
  • You will learn to eat out and have fun while staying on your plan 
  • You will enjoy many health benefits and finally reach your weight loss goals.


Why Work With Me? I have 30+ years of success as a certified holistic nutritionist. I know the body can heal if given the right tools and food. 


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