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December 30, 2022

Butterflies symbolize change, hope and transformation. 

Here are some of the surprising, essential vitamins you should be getting, and may not be and they are causing vitamin deficiency symptoms in women. 

vitamin deficiency symptoms

D3 Vitamin deficiency symptoms in women:
Poor bone health
Muscle weakness
Hair loss
Frequent sickness 
Hot flashes 
Poor wound healing 

Vitamin D is difficult to get from food alone.  The best sources are the flesh of fatty fish and fish liver oils. Smaller amounts are found in egg yolks, cheese, and beef liver. There are many foods which are fortified with vitamin D which helps but it normally is not enough and is the wrong kind of D.

For example D2 is the type of vitamin D that is fortified in foods like cereals, but it is actually D3 that we need. There are plenty of studies proving that D3 raises the blood level of vitamin D better than D2. 

Calcium Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms in Women:
Weak bones 
Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

Parathyroid Disease
Thyroid Imbalances 

True story: I tend to see a lot of women around age 50-60 in my clinic with sudden hypothyroid symptoms. When I check their thyroid levels, they are fine, but their PTH or parathyroid hormone levels are low. If PTH is low, their calcium levels have dropped causing weight gain symptoms, and hypothyroid symptoms.

The underlying cause of hypoparathyroidism is usually low calcium levels. Other symptoms may be poor teeth health, muscle contractions, hair loss, or spasms.

B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms in women:
B12 is vital to good health as it helps carry oxygen through the body. Not having enough oxygen or b12 can make you feel fatigued and pretty dizzy …….other deficiency symptoms are 

Pale looking skin
Extreme fatigue
Hair loss 
Nerve damage 
Brain fog 
Digestive issues
Numbness or tingling in the bod.

Some food sources of b12 are animal meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, and many cereals are fortified with b12. 

True story: I knew an older lady that kept falling – her last fall before things got serious was down the stairs of his house. For some reason his iron levels were tested often and they were ok and no one could figure out why he was so dizzy. They contacted me and we ran a comprehensive vitamin deficiency test and his b12 was very low.

So, instead of checking for iron anemia, what should have been checked for is pernicious anemia which has to do with b12 anemia, not iron anemia. Anyway, she was given a B12 supplement and a B complex and things improved. 

Folate vitamin deficiency in women:
Along with b12, folate or B9 is vital to prevent anemia. Two symptoms I see almost daily of folate deficiency in women are heart disease and depression. These have to do with methylation or what is called cellular detox.

Many times when I speak to a woman that is feeling blue, and I look at the intracellular levels of her vitamins, the folate levels are very low and when we support it properly, the mood improves.

Other folate deficiency symptoms in women:
Gray hair 
Pale skin 
Heart Disease 

Some food sources of folate are spinach, eggs, beets, beef liver, beans, sunflower seeds, and any dark green leafy vegetable and citrus fruit. 

The last vitamin to discuss is my favorite mineral for skin vitamin deficiency symptoms and beauty… that is the mineral zinc.

First off , zinc helps the metabolism to function better – which is always a good thing. And it helps the skin heal. Zinc helps metabolize protein, carbs, and fat. Zinc also helps improve energy. One thing

I see often with zinc deficiency is all sorts of skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, bruising easily, rashes and poor healing. Zinc also helps improve the immune system. 

On a personal note I take an extra zinc daily during cold and flu season. And if I eat something that causes a blemish I take extra zinc for a few days. It is interesting that several of the top skincare products for women that have trouble skin will have zinc in it because zinc is very healing to the skin. 

So, my friends, before you load up on vitamin supplements……….my guidance is test, don’t guess.

The vitamin deficiency test I like is called a Micronutrient Test. It is a venous blood draw which gives you the most accurate results as the sample is stable. Plus the micronutrient test looks at the “functionality of the vitamins, not just what is static in the blood. 

If you are concerned about vitamin deficiency symptoms in women click to order your micronutrient test and find out exactly what YOUR body needs. 


vitamin deficiency symptoms

*The only state I need help receiving orders from is NY. 


Once the order is placed, my office will email you a list of nearby facilities to draw the blood. We can also arrange for someone to come to your home or office. 

We will email you the order form – paperwork and MAIL you the test kit. You have to remember to put them together. The technician will mail the paperwork and the test kit with the blood sample to our lab. 

Results can take 3-4 weeks, and they are emailed to you with a personalized protocol written by me, so you know precisely which vitamin deficiencies you have and what your body needs to function better. 

We offer free email Q & A and quick phone calls. 

We are here to help you feel your healthiest. 

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