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The Top 3 Vitamins for Women So You Feel and Look Great.  

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February 23 , 2023 

What Main Vitamins Should a Woman Take Daily?


As a women in my early 60s,  I want to feel and look healthy, young and vibrant.

I buy vitamins for women, but I want to make sure to take the main vitamins women should take daily so they look and feel healthy, beautiful and active. The top 3 vitamins this nutritionist takes daily are Bs, D and zinc. 

What Are the Benefits of Taking Vitamins? 

I had a pretty bad diet as a child. If you ate like me growing up, I did not get many beneficial vitamins from food. And the little red vitamin pill mom gave me did not help much.

One of the benefits of taking vitamins was that I started to feel like I could finally get through a day without a nap. My energy, focus, and ability to accomplish more in a day skyrocketed.

What Are the Benefits of Taking B Supplements? 


My first job was working in a busy vitamin store. After a long shift, a coworker tossed a bottle of B vitamins over and said, “Try these; the main benefit of B vitamins is energy.

The next day, I took the vitamin B’s. I happily worked all day without feeling tired and went out at night with my friends. 

I also noticed my brain was on fire. I was so focused and could share information easily with the customers on the many benefits of taking vitamins like Bs.

What Does Zinc Do for the Female Body? 

This female has her favorite secret vitamin with several benefits for a woman’s body. Zinc is the ultimate beauty mineral for females. 

Many women still deal with unwanted blemishes on their faces. When I enjoy a cheat day with food, I usually get a slight red bump on my face that I want to go away fast. 

I take a few extra zinc tablets, and my skin clears up fast. No wonder many female beauty products contain the mineral zinc. 

A zinc deficiency can lead to all sorts of troublesome skin conditions for us, like acne, rashes, slow wound healing, and eczema, to name just a few. 


What are the Benefits of Taking Folic Acid? (or Folate)

Life sometimes gets complicated for women, and many women feel down or anxious. And then we eat poorly, and a poor diet affects our heart health. Folic acid or folate is highly beneficial for women as it is a good mood vitamin and lowers homocysteine.

I often find folate (folic acid) deficiency when I run comprehensive vitamin panels on women. Folic acid has much to do with many people’s MTHFR gene deficiency. This gene deficiency affecting folic acid or folate inhibits the methylation cycle from working at its best, supporting cellular detox.

I have truly been amazed at my clinic’s health and mood turn rounds when a woman learns they are deficient in folic acid or folate and start to use it.

What Vitamin is Best for the Immune System?

When I started working in my clinic, I realized I needed to take the best vitamins for my immune system, so I would not get sick. Patients came in with all sorts of colds, infections, and viruses wanting me to get them better, and I did, but I had to protect my immune system too.

I quickly learned that the best vitamin for the immune system was D3.
MY IMMUNE HEALTH AND ENERGY INCREASED when I used vitamin d3 daily at 10,000 IU a day. Vitamin D is another significant benefit for women as it improves skin. Note that we’re talking about D3, not D2, which is in the prescriptions and fortified in foods. We need the humankind of D, called D3.

Here is a link to an article I wrote about the Best Vitamins for Women


Does every woman need the same vitamins or in the same amounts?

Every woman, man, teen, and child needs an individualized vitamin protocol for optimal health.
I test my clients for vitamin deficiencies, and there’s one specific micronutrient test I recommend the most. 

Click the link below to learn about the best method for testing for vitamin deficiencies. A full-color sample is on the link, so you can see what your personalized results may look like. 


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