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February 23 , 2023 

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As a women in my late 50’s, I want to feel and look like I am in my 30’s, ok, well, maybe my 40’s. I had to ask myself if vitamins for women would help and the answer was YES! 

Even though I am a certified holistic nutritionist, I had a bad diet growing up. I definitely didn’t get the vitamins from the food that I should have. Mom gave me a little red vitamin daily, but I did not feel like it did anything for me. I grew up feeling quite tired most of the time. 

When I began to study vitamins for women, I started to feel like I could conquer anything if I had the proper nutrients in my body. Some vitamins will give you energy; others strengthen your body so you can stay active; other vitamins will keep your brain focused; and other vitamins will help you stay happy, calm, and collected. 

B vitamins are the place I start when discussing vitamins for women.  

My first job was working in a jam-packed vitamin store. It was so busy I could not even take a pee or food break. After the 8-hour shift, a coworker looked at me, tossed a bottle of B vitamins my way, and said, “Try these; you will be amazed how much more energy and focus you will have when you take them. 

The next day, I took the vitamin B complex with breakfast and another B complex at noon. I felt energized and peppy. I was continually walking around the store, talking to customers, and having a blast. When I got home, I could not believe I still had the energy to go out with my friends. 

With my energy restored, I started to think about my hair. It was thin, dull, and breaking easily, and it did not make me feel pretty. I asked the same coworker for help, and she said to try some minerals this time. So I bought a mineral complex, took them with my new B vitamins, and my hair started getting thicker and stronger

I have one favorite secret vitamin I take when I mess up and eat something I shouldn’t, like dairy. When I cheat and eat dairy, I usually wake up with an uh oh on my face. 

But I don’t want a blemish on my face. Who does? So I take a few extra zinc tablets, and my skin clears up. Zinc is my favorite mineral to talk about. And what if you have a zinc deficiency? It can lead to all sorts of troublesome skin conditions for us, like acne, rashes, slow wound healing, and eczema, to name just a few. 

Next, let’s talk about what I call the “good mood” vitamin because, let’s face it, we women need this! Life gets hard sometimes, and many women feel blue, moody, and depressed. Folate can help a lot! When a woman feels sad too often, it may be from a folate deficiency. Another benefit of folate is that it can help prevent heart disease by lowering high homocysteine. 

Now let’s talk about a vitamin that’s great for our immune system. When I started working in my clinic, I began to get sick more often because people would come in with all sorts of illnesses. I had to protect my immune system by staying healthy and helping my patients.

But when I used vitamin d3 daily at 10,000 IU a day, the sicknesses went way down, and my energy went way up. Super cool. Vitamin D has a significant side effect; it also improves the skin. Note that we’re talking about D3, not D2, which is in the prescriptions and fortified in foods. We need the humankind of D, called D3. 

But does every woman need the same vitamins or in the same amounts? Absolutely not. That’s why I test for vitamin deficiencies, and there’s one specific micronutrient test I recommend the most. 

So click the link below and learn about my favorite way to test for vitamin deficiencies. A full-color sample is on the link, so you can see what your results may look like

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