By Maria Cummings and Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Remember the Flintstones vitamin commercials? Heck, I still sing, “We are Flintstones kids, ten million strong and growing.” I am sure that my mom felt like her halo shined a tad bit brighter when she bought my brother and me those fun shaped vitamins. My brother and I looked forward to taking our vitamins. Too bad they were not as healthy as they sounded with ingredients like aspartame, cupric oxide, coal tar (artificial coloring agents,) hydrogenated oil, and GMO corn to name a few. We were just kids, and my mom did not know any better. Today, as adults we are still interested in taking our vitamins. Not so fast, though, not all multivitamins and supplements are not all they are “packed up” to be.

A multivitamin and supplements may sound like the perfect solution, but often they may be loaded with added chemicals and not be of high quality to allow for optimal absorption. When it comes to multivitamins or prepackaged supplements, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Plus, you may need a high dose of one vitamin and your best friend may not. And you may be highly deficient in magnesium when your kids are deficient in B vitamins. So, what vitamins do YOU personally need? This answer is different for everyone. A few reasons why this varies from person to person are age, health conditions, genetics, symptoms and medications. For example, if a woman is pregnant or is trying to get pregnant it is important that she has enough folate. By the way, many multivitamins are using folic acid which is the synthetic version of folate. Certain medications can cause a nutrient deficiency; therefore it may be vital to supplement to a healthy balance.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to take vitamins, you just need to know which vitamins YOUR body needs to support YOU! Now you can make sure to give your body the exact nutrients it needs to achieve optimal health and well-being! Not sure if you have vitamin imbalances or deficiencies? That is OK because you can have your vitamin and minerals levels checked with our Vitamin and Mineral Test, so that you will Know exactly which vitamins You Really Need!

With every test result you are given a personalized protocol written by our naturopath. You can also email us for free any questions you may have. We are here to support YOU and YOUR health!

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