What Causes Metabolic Syndrome

 Answers to What Causes Metabolic Syndrome and How to Get Well.

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December 30, 2022

Butterflies symbolize change, hope and transformation 

In this blog, I will review what causes metabolic syndrome (also called syndrome X) and how you can improve your metabolic health quickly, so you get the weight loss and health-improving results you want. Did you know 1 out of 5 people has Metabolic Syndrome? That is a lot.

What Causes Metabolic Syndrome and How to Feel Better Fast. 

Cause #1 : Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. This is caused by eating a diet high in starchy, sugary, and junk food. A healthy diet is something that has to be learned. Not many of us were born into a health-conscious family from day 1. I was not. 

It is not your fault. 

Heck, I grew up thinking sugar was the #1 food group. Twinkies, devil dogs, soda, pop tarts, frosted flakes, 

Plus, life is stressful, and often people suffer from rushing meals and needing to know how to make a healthy, quick meal for themselves and their loved ones. I will help you with that. But know that I do not spend hours cooking in the kitchen, but I will cook a healthy meal for my family. I can teach you plenty of quick and easy healthy meal tips and tricks. 

The next thing in learning what causes metabolic syndrome is to realize that so many people are battling health struggles these days, causing high inflammation, high pain levels, and chronic fatigue. The key is getting the body working better, reducing illness, and lowering inflammation levels so the body can be more active without causing additional stress. 

The American Heart Association (AHA) has estimated that metabolic syndrome will soon become the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Let’s turn this statement around, folks. 

Cause #2: Insulin resistance  The body makes insulin to move glucose (sugar) into cells for use as energy. Obesity, commonly found in people with metabolic syndrome, makes it more difficult for cells in the body to respond to insulin. Eating a big white potato will raise my sugar levels, and my body will react by making insulin. Suppose I already have too much insulin because I am overeating starches and sugary foods; my cells will tell insulin to go away. In that case, they are full of insulin already, and it needs to go somewhere else. Guess what? The overload of insulin gets stored in fat cells, causing weight gain. 

Cause #3 hormone changes caused by chronic stress lead to abdominal obesity, which leads to metabolic syndrome. 

As women go through hormone changes, like perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause, their female hormones, like estrogen and progesterone, need to be at optimal levels. If they are not, the nasty stress and weight gain hormone cortisol will spike and cause adverse symptoms. Cortisol spikes can lead to food cravings, a more robust appetite, and anxiety, which all cause belly fat.

If the female hormones are low, I tend to see cortisol and even androgen hormones like testosterone and DHT high in women with metabolic syndrome. 

I often test hormones in the saliva, not the blood, to test their bioavailability. For example, if they are low in saliva, they are lacking in the tissues, and the woman is hormone deficient. But suppose they are high in the tissues and low in the blood. In that case, the woman may have hormone deficiency symptoms yet have weight gain, higher inflammation levels, food cravings, and difficulty losing weight because the hormones are now stuck in the tissues and the fat cells. They are not getting used by the body properly, so hormone overload occurs. 

Hormone overload in the tissues can occur at any age and in women of all ages, even young women and teens. It was terrific that weight was easier to lose when I started the “change” and started on bio-identical hormones. Plus, I can focus better, which is crucial to my life when I use them. I am not saying every woman needs to use them, but for many, it can help.

Hi, I am Alane, a holistic nutritionist with 30_+ years of experience in holistic health, wellness, and weight loss. Losing weight is not about dieting; it is about making sure your metabolism works for you and not against you.

Do I understand your frustration with your metabolism? I have been there myself and mastered it. I lost 30 pounds when menopause tried to push me right into Type 2 Diabetes. I said oh no, you don’t!

Ready to master your metabolism? Great! 

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Hey! I’m Alane Stieglitz-Wincek. I grew up on sugar and plenty of junk food and had no clue how my diet effected my health. 

 I changed my life and have worked as a holistic nutritionist and naturopath, for over the last 30 years. I help people get healthy, fit and lean, find hormone happiness and recover from all sorts health challenges. 

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