What Foods Are Right For Me?

By Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

Food is such a passion for me. I genuinely adore food for so many reasons, first and foremost, nothing brings people together like a beautiful table of food, it’s a universal language! So let’s understand one thing…the holidays are upon us! There will be cupcakes, cookies, turkey, ham, pumpkin, mashed potatoes, and more…it will seem to never end! There is one way to prepare yourself for the onslaught of food coming your way, and what is safe for you to eat and what is an issue. Nutritionally Yours can educate you about the IGG and IGE food sensitivities, so you do not come out of this holiday season saying, “What did I do?”.

For so many people food intolerance’s go unrecognized far too long. Of course, we know that the primary food reactions are gluten, dairy, and peanut as these can cause more significant health issues the longer they are left to disrupt the natural flow of things in your body. But, did you know that even healthy foods, like greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, and proteins can also cause immune disruption and adverse symptoms that can last for days or even weeks! Testing for What Foods Are Right For You will tell you exactly what foods will cause immediate reactions and which foods affect you hours, or even days later! Symptoms can range from headaches, nausea, depression, acne, other skin eruptions, weight gain, fatigue even mood changes. Some people live with these symptoms their entire lives without realizing they are related to reactions from foods they eat every day!

Stop the guesswork! If you are sitting there thinking “What foods are right for me? Here is our favorite Food Intolerance Test Kit Link. Plenty of answers in one easy test. Igg / IgA / IgE + Gluten!

Enjoy your holidays, just be educated in food and YOUR body.

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