food pesticides, test foods, dirty dozen clean fifteen, dirty dozen foods, clean 15 foods, food allergies test By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Each year there is a new group of The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen. These lists give you the names of the most common foods contaminated with pesticides and the ones that have a lower amount of pesticides. To be totally safe you can always opt for organic produce. Buying organic food ensures that the produce is not GMO and is pesticide free.

According to the Environmental Workers Group (EWG), the new 2017 lists for the Dirty 12 and the Clean 15 are out.

EWG’s 2017 Dirty 12
Dirty 12 foods are strawberry, spinach, nectarines, apples, peaches, pears, cherries, grapes, celery, tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and potatoes.

EWG’s 2017 Clean 15
Clean 15 foods are sweet corn, avocados, pineapples, cabbage, onions, sweet peas, papayas, asparagus, mangoes, eggplant, honeydew, kiwi, cantaloupe, cauliflower, and grapefruit.

The Clean 15 group does not mean there are no pesticides but that during testing there was a tiny amount of pesticides to almost no residue of pesticides. Again, purchasing organic is the only guarantee that the produce is pesticide free.

There are health risks from pesticide exposure. We know that pesticides make us sick but more than that they put us at a higher risk for birth defects, ADHD in kids, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer including breast cancer, depression, immune system malfunction, and much more.

One way to check your overall toxicity level is with a Toxic Elements Hair Analysis Test.

Certain foods can also make us ill even if they are organic. When this happens, it most likely is due to a food allergy or food intolerance. The difference is that a food allergy (IgE) which is an immediate reaction, can cause hives, swelling or even life-threatening anaphylaxis. Whereas a food intolerance (IgG) is a delayed reaction and it is often missed because it can take hours and up to days to produce symptoms like diarrhea, gas, headaches, irritability, insomnia, mood swings, and many more symptoms.

If you have been eating organic but still feel ill or if you have been experiencing digestive issue but eat healthy, you very well may have a food intolerance. You can test for food allergies and intolerance with one test. We offer a Food Allergy Test Kit (IgG & IgE) that tests for both and up to 184 IgG foods and 25 IgE foods plus it comes with a with a full-color rotation diet in about three weeks after you have mailed off your test kit. We are right there with you in being concerned about what we feed ourselves and loved ones. After all, there is no better wealth than YOUR health!

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