What is IgG? - Definition, Deficiency & Blood TestBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

Exactly What Is IgG? IgG stands for Immunoglobulin G and is the most abundant type of antibody in all our bodies fluids. This is the first antibody produced to protect against bacterial and viral infections. These antibodies actually remember the germs you’ve been exposed to before and go to battle for you if you are exposed to the same germs again! This is your bodies best ally!

If you are prone to more infections than most people and if it seems that your friends and family never get sick, but you aren’t so lucky? You may be deficient in IgG. But, if your IgG is at an optimal amount you can utilize its effectiveness by testing foods against the IgG immune pathway. Many people with IgG food reactions suffer from sinus infections, allergies, skin rashes, weight gain, swelling, belly aches, headaches, skin eruptions, inflammation, joint pain, etc. without explanation. You may feel as if you have a constant battle with symptoms and not know why.

Understanding precisely which IgG foods you are reacting too is easy to do! We have Igg and IgE food intolerance test kits available for YOU! Results are only three weeks away!  Armed with your test results,you will begin to find specific foods that are offensive and cause adverse reactions over a period of time. IgG testing is for delayed food reactions, and IgE testing is for immediate food reactions.

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