what is IgG By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

What Is IgG? IgG stands for Immunoglobulin G and is the most abundant antibody in all of our bodies fluids. IgG is the first antibody produced to protect against bacterial and viral infections. IgG antibodies remember the germs you’ve been exposed to and go to battle for you if you are exposed to the same germs again! IgG is your body’s best ally!

What is an IgG antibody test and how does it affect the body? IgG can be helpful to you regarding learning what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. The IgG immune pathway is very effective when it is checked for reactivity against foods.

Many people with IgG food reactions suffer from many different symptoms.
Sinus infections, allergies, skin rashes, fever, gas, bloating, weight gain, swelling, belly aches, headaches, skin eruptions, inflammation, joint pain, brain fog, nausea, vomiting, breathing challenges, asthma-like symptoms

You may feel like you have a constant battle with symptoms and not know why and may never have thought it was food you are eating.

Understanding precisely which IgG foods you are reacting to is easy to do! We have a terrific test that looks at over 200 IgG and IgA foods plus food additives and gluten intolerance in the IgG and IgA (gut symptoms) immune pathways. Clear answers to your specific IgG food reactions are only three weeks away! Armed with your test results, you will begin to find particular foods that are offensive and cause adverse reactions over a while.

What is IgG? It is a powerful way to test for reactions to foods so your health challenges can improve but simple dietary adjustments.

I remember getting my first IgG antibody test many years ago, and I learned that beef was a severe IgG reaction for me. I ignored it for a while, but every time I ate beef, my stomach would bloat, I would get a little cranky, and then a headache would come on. I had to giggle and say, yes, that test is so accurate! I stopped eating red meat plus a few other foods that showed up in my test, and my health improved, and many symptoms disappeared. YAY!

So, what is IgG food reactions for YOU? Let’s find out!

And why is IgA so important? IgA is all about your gut and protecting the gut lining. If there is an IgA reaction to a food, like corn, it may weaken the gut lining, leading to malabsorption of nutrients.


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