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 Are You Wondering What is Metabolic Syndrome and Do You Have it? 

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December 30, 2022

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In this blog, I will review 3 symptoms of metabolic syndrome (also called syndrome X) and how you can help improve it quickly so you get the weight loss and health results you want. Let’s learn what is metabolic syndrome…

What is metabolic syndrome? 

Excess body fat around the waist   most people with metabolic syndrome have an apple shape for fat distribution. An apple shape means having a waist size of more than 35 inches for women and more than 40 inches for men. Visceral fat is associated with hepatic (liver) and peripheral biochemical abnormalities leading to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Several people with an apple shape can have a higher cytokine level, which leaves them feeling swollen, inflamed, and under attack. 

Many studies have shown that excess visceral fat buildup is associated with high triglyceride levels (over 140) and lower HDL-cholesterol levels (less than 40) despite normal LDL-cholesterol. Each of these factors is related to a greater risk of coronary heart disease. Let’s stop the progression now. 

Did you know that HDL-C and elevated triglycerides can indicate a thyroid problem even though TSH may be normal? YES 

Insulin Resistance is something  I see so much in my practice among women of all ages, including young teens. Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance increase your chances of type 2 diabetes. 

*Just a few months ago, I had two teenage girls come in on the same day as new clients. They both suffered from low confidence, weight gain, brain fog, and metabolic syndrome. By the way, they are fine now – they have already emailed me that their energy is up, their focus has improved, and they are happy with life again and losing weight. 

*And then there are my busy moms – goodness, I want to meet all of them and help them master their metabolism. They are superwomen, running the kids all over, making sure homework gets done, food is on the table, and the house is clean. They are so busy caring for everyone else they forget to take care of themselves. That is where I come in; I first remind them to take care of themselves and then make sure their metabolism doesn’t have some annoying metabolic block causing symptoms they don’t need to be having. 

What is metabolic syndrome? It is a cluster of symptoms that affect the metabolism. 

The cycle of insulin resistance, high cholesterol, and weight gain can be broken, if you have a good plan, I have a plan, and it works. 

I have seen too many people of all diff ages suffering needlessly from Metabolic syndrome. The main focus in my career has been fixing the metabolism and getting it to work right for my clients. This can mean adjusting the diet and running comprehensive metabolic bloodwork to show reasons for a slower metabolism. Helping reduce pain and inflammation so exercise is easier, which can lower cholesterol levels. Metabolic syndrome is not the end of the world. It can be reversed, and I will show you exactly how to do this. 

Hi, I am Alane, a holistic nutritionist with 30+ years of experience
in holistic health, wellness, and weight loss. Losing weight is not about dieting; it is about making sure your metabolism works for you and not against you.

I created a program called metabolic mastery just for people like you. It has helped me drop 30 pounds in 12 weeks and helped thousands of other people reach their metabolic goals.

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