what vitamins are needed By Alane Archer, ND, CNC

Vitamins are sold online, in stores, between friends. All over the USA people are trying to get healthier by using vitamins. But how do you know what vitamins are really needed by YOU? YOU are not the salesperson, you are not your friend, YOU, are YOU, and YOU, are uniquely made. Plus you probably eat differently than other people. There are some genetic deficiencies we do see in vitamin testing blood work but, for the most part, each test result has been unique to the individual ordering it.

Lady age 50, in pretty good health but has high inflammation levels. She came in wanting to learn what vitamins are needed to help bring down the inflammation. She also wanted to prevent a health uh-oh or surprise. Her uncle had just had triple by-pass surgery which surprised most of the family. We did the vitamin panel on her and, to her surprise, ALL the B vitamins were low, especially folate and b12. And if folate and B12 are low, the inflammation marker called Homocysteine can be elevated.

Another patient in her 50s had high C reactive protein, another inflammation marker and she was feeling tired and brain foggy. We did a vitamin test on her and her omega 3’s were all low even though she was eating fish and taking fish oil. It was not a good quality one. We adjusted her supplementation, and C reactive protein improved and so did her brain focus ability.

Had a young boy age 16 with fatigue, dizzy spells, and trouble sleeping. He felt weak a lot. Mom wanted to know what vitamins are needed to help him. He was low in all of his amino acids! We wrote up his protocol to include a high bio-available amino acid powder and things improved.

So……………even if you eat healthily, certain vitamins may be low that can negatively affect health and wellness. It is good to test, instead of guessing and buying vitamins that are not needed by YOUR body

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