what vitamins are needed By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Vitamins are sold online, in stores, between friends. All over the USA, people are trying to get healthier by using vitamins. But how do you know what vitamins are best for you? What vitamins are best and work great for one person may not be the best vitamin choice for another. 

While working in a few different vitamins stores, I always wondered how people knew what vitamins they really needed. For example, I would think about the antioxidants they were buying and wonder if the person purchasing a vitamin C bottle would be better off buying Co Q 10. And if someone bought a vitamin B complex, I wondered if that was the best vitamin for them, or would they do better with extra folate or B12? Think about the benefits of minerals; there are mineral complexes. Still, over the years, I have found that most people need a bit more of a specific mineral on top of a multivitamin/mineral blend. For example, my body is usually low in zinc, so I take a mineral complex, plus extra zinc, and my skin health improved. 

Had a young boy age 16 with fatigue, dizzy spells, and trouble sleeping. He felt weak a lot. Mom wanted to know what vitamins were needed to help him feel healthier. Vitamin testing showed that he was low in all of his amino acids! We wrote up his protocol to include a high bio-available amino acid powder, and things improved. For him, I gave him the best vitamin complex I had, plus the amino acid blend. 

So, even if you eat healthily, specific vitamins may be low that can negatively affect health and wellness. It is good to test, instead of guessing and buying vitamins that are not needed by YOUR body.

The bottom line is, we are all made different and have our own unique health, wellness, and vitamin needs. The best vitamins for one person are not necessarily the best vitamins for another. Gathering this helpful information before purchasing vitamins is smart. 

What vitamins would benefit your health? Let’s find out!

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