Why Comprehensive Thyroid Testing is so ImportantBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

One significant thing I have learned over all these years working in the field of functional medicine and naturopathy is that the thyroid gland is NOT just about TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). The second most important thing I learned about the thyroid is, it is NOT just about standard reference ranges. It is so important to listen to the symptoms and see if ALL the numbers are in, “functional reference ranges.”

For years I have women and men come in with many of the typical thyroid symptoms, but they are told their thyroid is healthy. They know in their gut this is not the case, but they are confused. So let’s simplify this.

TSH – should be a 2.0 or under for your thyroid to be functioning at its best
Free T3 should be around a 3.0 or even a little higher for you to feel good
Free T4 should be at least at the middle of the reference range
TPO (thyroid peroxidase ab) needs to be checked for autoimmunity against the thyroid
Thyroid antithyroglobulin ab needs to be tested for autoimmunity against the thyroid

So, if you have only had TSH checked, it is not enough answers. This is why comprehensive thyroid testing is so necessary. Let me give you a few examples.

1) TSH maybe 3.5 which is within the reference range and Free T4 is a good, healthy number, BUT if Free T3 is around a 1.0, you will have the typical hypothyroid symptoms. You need T3 support!
2) If TSH, Free T3, and Free T4 are perfect, but your antibodies are elevated then it is an autoimmune issue with the thyroid, not a hypothyroid problem. Here dietary adjustments need to be done to reduce the attack against the thyroid gland.

You can order Comprehensive Thyroid Testing 2 ways. One way is a blood draw, done at Labcorp via our Self Pay account and the 2nd way is via blood spot. Either way, you get the answers you need regarding the functionality of your thyroid gland.

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