By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria CummingsVitamin and Mineral Test

Growing your own food by starting a garden has many benefits besides saving you money at the grocery store and the gas to get there. Let us look at a few reason why you should start a garden!

Reduce Stress
There is something about being outside and working in a garden that is so relaxing. Everyone should be allowed to play in the dirt a little while working on a garden.  You will begin to reap the many benefits of having your own garden in no time! Planting vegetables gives you something to look forward to, which is the sweet harvest of your hands.

Good exercise
With all the weeding, plowing, digging, and planting, you are getting some physical activity in and that is a win-win! Plus depending on the time of day, you could be getting some extra vitamin D in from the sunlight too.

Nutritional Benefits
Getting your produce directly from your garden will ensure that you are getting the freshest produce! Plus, children and adults that have gardens or farms usually the eat the recommended 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruit than those who do not have a garden or farm.

Many people are not aware that they may be deficient in vitamins and minerals especially even if they are eating plenty of vegetables and whole foods. One of the reasons for this is because if the soil in which the food is being grown and harvested in not rich in micro-nutrients, the food will not be nutrient rich either. Taking a multi-vitamin does not always fix that problem either because there are probably more bad quality vitamins out there than good quality ones that can actually make a difference. However, even if you have a good quality vitamin, it does not mean that you have the proper vitamin and mineral balance. The only way to know for sure is to take a vitamin and mineral test, but traditional labs do not cover all of your micro-nutrients and definitely not at the cellular level. Thankfully we have an intracellular level Vitamin and Mineral test that covers an array of micro-nutrients that the traditional labs miss! With our Vitamin and Mineral Test, you will know for sure which ones you really need to take and which ones you do not. After all, having too much of a particular vitamin can be just as harmful as not having enough.

By finding out your vitamin and mineral levels, you will be improving your sense of well-being, balancing your micro-nutrients, improving your gut health, and your immune system! So what are you waiting for? Start nourishing yourself with a garden and by knowing which vitamins and minerals YOU need with our test!

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