The Difference Between Men and Women's HormonesBy Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Women’s Hormones are very different from men’s hormones. Men and women are similar as human creations, but it often seems like women are from one planet and men are from a different world. Many books describe how different men and women are from each other, and hormones play a massive role. 

Men have a higher level of androgen hormones, and women have a higher level of female hormones. When I write up a protocol for each person that does a hormone saliva test, I always support them based on their sex. For example, for women’s hormones to feel balanced with good adrenal energy, it would take a different dose of DHEA from a man. 

And of course, for a woman going through the change to feel “feminine,” happy, and clear-headed, they need estrogen to be in a perfect balance to progesterone. And men need a higher amount of Testosterone and DHEA as they age to feel vibrant

Due to what is called “endocrine disruptors,” I have witnessed what I call backward hormones. Even in young females with irregular cycles, hair loss, and acne, I see a higher testosterone and DHT level and a lower estrogen and progesterone level. And on many aging men, I tend to see higher estrogen than testosterone. One of the tests I feel is crucial when dealing with women’s hormones, and men’s hormones is our environmental toxicity urine test. Some toxins that affect hormones are pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals in our food, plastics, etc. If substances are high, it tends to lead to endocrine issues and hormone imbalance. Just know, this can be fixed! 

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body that travel in the blood to organs and tissues, signaling them to do the work they were designed to do so we feel fantastic and balanced. Over time and the aging process, hormone changes can cause various symptoms that we may not like. 

Women’s Hormones / Men’s Hormones when Imbalanced Some get facial hair, painful periods, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, lack of periods, infertility, PCOS, weight gain, acne, belly weight. Some men get erectile dysfunction, depression, brain fog, lack of motivation, acne, trouble sleeping, belly weight, and more. 

Let’s make sure your male and women’s hormones are balanced so you feel your best. Saliva hormone testing is the answer. 

Let’s make certain endocrine toxins are not causing imbalanced hormones and need to be detoxed out. We have an easy urine toxicity test

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