which foods to eat By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Well, here it is that time of year where everybody is gathering together for the holidays around the table. So much delicious food just staring at us. How do we know which foods are safe and healthy for us to enjoy and which foods we truly should stay away from? I am sure many homes serve healthy foods but even healthy foods like spinach, tomato, onion and even corn may be hindering good health. And what about those post holiday resolutions so many people make to lose weight and keep it off? So ……what kinds of food should YOU be eating to help YOU look and feel YOUR best? YES, there are certain trigger foods for people, but the answers are different for everyone!

You see there may be healthy foods that you enjoy consuming, but those “healthy” foods could be causing symptoms and / or weight gain. The weight gain could be immune responses present in the form of immunoglobulins. These reactions can take hours or even days to appear, making it tough to find problem foods solely through things like food diaries, rotation diets and bandwagon dieting. Alternatively, for fast and more accurate results you could just take the IgG & IgE Food Intolerance test, which will tell you exactly which foods to avoid for better health and an easier weight loss.

Weight loss is not the only reason to know which foods to eat through IgG & IgE testing. IgE antibodies represent the extreme responses that occur within a few minutes, while IgG antibodies represent delayed responses in the form of food intolerance and food sensitivities. Other reasons to take the IgG &IgE test is to learn which foods are causing inflammatory responses, auto immunity, sinus congestion, asthma, skin challenges, headaches etc etc etc. The goal is to look and feel YOUR best all year round!

Yes, you heard me correctly. The way you feel could be directly related to food intolerance. Some food related intolerance symptoms are IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), brain fog, eczema, insomnia, an annoying cough or tickle in the throat, headaches, joint pain, leg pain, sinus congestion, acne and much more. Anyone who suffers from gut issues or autoimmunity should take this test too because food could be triggering flares up and fatigue! Don’t let food be your “frenemy”- find out which foods you can get along with for life! Tis’ the season to feel good and look good!

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