By, Annah Gillette
www.NutritionallyYoursTestKits.comWhy Yoga is the Best Exercise for Women

I try to incorporate more yoga into my workout routine. When I meditate, it is a great time to run through a few poses. We make it a family affair when we can. The mats come out, and our dogs join us. The first time my husband joined me he was a little apprehensive. After his first yoga session, he commented: “that was better than I thought it would be.” It gives us a chance to connect and get grounded from our busy lives! Our energy translates to our dogs too, they are calm and change their posture and breathing to match ours.

Yoga is easy to integrate into a routine and take it with you anywhere. I know it’s one more thing for the daily growing list, and if you did all your ” one things ” every day you wouldn’t accomplish more than the one things! Combine yoga with your prayer, meditation, mindfulness time. Use this time to unplug and get centered. It is essential to reduce your overall stress, and a 20-minute yoga session can serve you the rest of your day.

Starting your day with a blaring alarm, or the feeling of being rushed leads to cortisol spikes. Cortisol is our stress hormone; excessive levels can lead to weight gain and related risk factors (diabetes), bone thinning and a higher risk of anxiety. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland that controls the blood sugar levels, aids in metabolism and suppresses the immune system when necessary. Excessive levels of cortisol in the body can destroy good bacteria in the body.

Take the time to manage your stress every day. Little ten minute practices of yoga and breathing can go a long way to guard you against excess cortisol risks. Are you avoiding doing a new practice because it looks hard, or you think ” There is no way my body will bend like that!” Just start and do what you can the benefits will still be there. There are books, and videos online to get you started with the basics. Start with 20 minutes and put it in your schedule.

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