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Our comprehensive online lab testing, which includes an at home blood test, offers definitive answers and clear insights into the underlying reasons behind your troubling symptoms or health challenges.

When you order hair, saliva, urine, and stool testing, you can easily collect the samples at home. For all at home blood test kits, we mail you a blood test kit and provide you with a location of a nearby facility for the blood draw.

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Virtual Health and Nutrition Counseling

BOOK a virtual health and nutrition appointment today, so we can listen to your health concerns and guide you on the right path to feeling fantastic again.

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Hi, I am Alane Wincek, the owner of Nutritionally Yours.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Metabolic Health Specialist, and Naturopath.

I have been working in holistic health and wellness for over 30 years. Nutritionally Yours has a functional medicine doctor on staff. We offer various online lab testing and at home blood test kits, including overall health, nutrition, food intolerance test kits, hormones, and more. 

We also offer naturopathic, metabolic, and weight loss appointments from 9 to 4 EST Monday through Friday.

Our goal and mission is to help our clients get to the root cause of health or weight loss struggles so they can feel healthier, confident, and accomplish more in life.

Get the Answers and Direction you Need for Better Health!

Let us put a smile back on your face by giving you a clear path to a healthier life with our online lab testing services for optimal health and nutrition. 

Many people that contact us know something is “off”. They simply need a comprehensive at home blood test to provide the answer so they can experience that amazing “AH-HA” moment so you know for sure how to support your body properly.

At Home Blood Test

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