Along with every protocol our clients receive a personalized protocol to help them achieve better health and wellness.


Clinician is Alane Archer
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Regular Products that natural clinicians use (you will find a wide variety here, email for guidance if you are unsure what is supportive for you) .  Metagenics, Thorne, Designs For Health, Douglas Labs, Gaia Herbs, Energetix, Orthomolecular and so much more!  Shipping if FREE over $49




Alane’s favorite Ketones! Helps support weight loss, energy, clarity, inflammation, pain and much more!
Just email Alane any questions. Find Alane Archer on facebook and ask her to add you to Drink Your Ketones
to learn more about how ketones can benefit your health and wellness.



Young Living Essential Oils





InfraRed Sauna: Click Here 
supports: detox, energy, healing & more.
Low in EMF’s
Heats up fast. Ships quickly.

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InfraRed Sauna + Ozone :
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