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If you are looking for a simple way to learn more about your health and wellness and improve your quality of life, you found the right place! 


If you hope to find someone who understands metabolic health and how to lose weight to keep it off, you found her! I created a simple metabolic program that works!

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Hi, I am Alane Wincek, a Holistic Nutritionist, Metabolic Health Specialist, and Naturopath.

I help people all over the USA recover from health & metabolic challenges

I have been working in the field of holistic nutrition for over 30 years. 

I offer at-home nutrition test kits so you can easily get to the root cause of health, weight loss, and wellness struggles so you can feel healthier, confident, and accomplish more in life.


FIND OUT if you have a…

vitamin deficiency – hormone imbalance – adrenal fatigue – food allergy or intolerance – bacteria in our gut – mold illness – environmental toxin – heavy metal burden – metabolic problem


My nutrition testing services can answer all your questions about what your body needs so you feel healthy and amazing.  


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The Many Benefits of Nutritional Testing Kits 

*Clear Answers for Why You May Have Symptoms

*The Best Path to Optimal Health

*Improved Longevity

*Healthier Life 

*Only take the vitamins your body needs

*A More Active Life!

*Simple Weight Loss with Long Lasting Results

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Imagine Saying This...

These Top Nutritional Testing Kits Saved Me So Much Guesswork! I Finally Have the Answers and Direction I Want for Better Health!

Let us put a smile back on your face by giving you a clear path to a healthier life with our amazing nutrition test kits. 

Many people that contact us know something is “off”.  They simple need an nutritional blood test to provide the answer so they can experience that amazing  “AH-HA” moment so you know for sure how to support your body properly. 

YES! I Understand How You Feel!

I have lived through my own health struggle and it took nutritional blood testing kits like these to finally provide me with the clear answers and directions I needed to regain my health. 


Many of our clients feel unwell, tired, stressed, toxic, reactive, and unclear, and they want to know why and how to feel better. 


Our Process is Simple

When you order a nutritional test kit from us, we mail it to you right away. 

Most nutritional test results come with a personalized protocol so you know what to do.  Test results are emailed to you in a few short weeks. 




“I Need More 1-to-1 Help”.

a virtual health appointment today, so I can listen to your health concerns and guide you on the right path to feeling fantastic again.


Let’s get you feeling happier, healthier, confident, energized and feeling amazing. 

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*Vitamin Deficiency TestingClick Here


*Food Intolerance Testing  Click Here 


*Hormone Saliva Testing   Click Here


*Stool TestingClick Here


*Comprehensive at home blood testing   ORDER NOW


Too many people let symptoms and health challenges stop them from living the life they desire and deserve. Answers and a clear direction are easy to find.

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