What Types of Tests are Available for an at Home Blood Test?


We have many at-home blood tests to provide the information you need to support your health and nutrition. Some will cover vitamin deficiency, hormones, metabolism, and more. We make things easy and convenient for you so you can know what your body needs for optimal health and wellness. 

Below is a list of at-home blood test kits you can order from our wellness clinic. 

Order the test(s) you want; we will mail you the kit immediately with all the simple directions. 

*Hair Tissue Analysis  *Hormone Saliva Testing  *Vitamin Deficiency  *Gut Health  * Toxins

*Mold  *Food Intolerance  *Gluten *Adrenal Fatigue  *Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Work

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Our at-home blood test kits /  nutrition test kits / and health testing kits will provide the answers and clear direction for why you have troubling symptoms or a health challenge. 

Hair, saliva, urine, and stool testing can easily be collected at home. For all blood test kits, we will provide you with a location of a nearby facility for the blood draw.

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Hi, I am Alane Wincek, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Metabolic Health Specialist, and Naturopath.


I have been working in the field of holistic health and wellness for over 30 years. Nutritionally Yours has a functional medicine medical doctor on staff. 

Nutritionally Yours offers a wide variety of at-home blood test kits, nutrition test kits at, home health test kits, nutrition, naturopathic, metabolic and weight loss appointments Monday – Friday 9-4 EST.


Our goal and mission is to help our clients get to the root cause of health or weight loss struggles so you can feel healthier, confident, and accomplish more in life.


What are the Benefits of at-Home Blood Tests?

With having a wellness clinic for over 30 years, I have seen numerous health turnarounds. It starts with getting the clients the answers they need and then supporting their health properly. I had so many successes that I created this website and offered the benefits of at-home blood tests to people all over the United States. 

Here are the many benefits of at-home blood tests: They are easy to do, convenient for you, cost-effective, they are life-changing; they can detect health conditions early on, before you notice symptoms, improved longevity, enjoy a healthier life, only take the vitamins you need, only eat the food that is good for you, you do not need a doctors appointment, you order what you want, and results are sent to you directly via regular mail or email, and we offer free protocols with all test results. 

Our at-home blood test kits and at-home health test kits can answer your nutrition questions about what your body needs so you feel healthy and confident again.


Is it Possible to Do a Blood Test at Home? 

We have several methods of testing your health and wellness at home. Our tests include blood, urine, stool, saliva, and hair. 


As a whole, it is possible to do a blood test at home if that is what you prefer. When you order a blood test at home, we will provide the name and location of a facility near you to draw the blood or a mobile facility to visit your home. 



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Imagine Saying This...

These Easy Health and Nutrition Test Kits at Home Saved Me So Much Guesswork! I Finally Have the Answers and Direction I Want for Better Health!

Let us put a smile back on your face by giving you a clear path to a healthier life with our comprehensive at home health and nutrition test kits. 

Many people that contact us know something is “off”.  They simple need an nutritional blood test to provide the answer so they can experience that amazing  “AH-HA” moment so you know for sure how to support your body properly. 

Are Home Blood Tests Reliable?

As a clinic owner I will only offer CLIA certified tests to my clients. All of the labs we use for at home blood tests are reliable and accurate. We have run testing via these labs for decades. 

One of the main labs we order from uses 3Dense microchip technology platform boast an unrivaled specificity and sensitivity – which translates to the highest standard of accuracy of results in the lab industry.

When a client contacts our clinic with health concerns, our job is to get them the answers and precise direction that they need for health improvements to occur. And we do. 

YES! We Understand How You Feel!

The owner, Alane, has lived through a health struggle, and it took at-home nutrition and health blood test kits like these to finally provide her with the precise answers and directions she needed to regain her health.

Many of our clients feel unwell, tired, stressed, toxic, reactive, and unclear, and they want to know why and how to feel better. 


The Process is Simple for Ordering an at-Home Test Kit. 

When you order a nutritional test kit from us, we mail it to you right away with clear collection directions. 

Most test results come with a personalized protocol so you know what to do to support your health and wellness.  

Virtual Health and Nutrition Counseling

“I Need More 1-to-1 Help”.

a virtual health and nutrition appointment today, so we can listen to your health concerns and guide you on the right path to feeling fantastic again.

Let’s get you feeling happier, healthier, confident, energized and feeling amazing. 

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