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Folate Deficiency

Folate Deficiency

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What are Folate Deficiency Symptoms?

Many people of all ages and health challenges can have a low amount of folate. If left untreated folate deficiency anemia can occur. And many time vitamin b12 deficiency occurs at the same time. B12 and folate deficiency tend to run hand in hand and both effect how the red blood cells carry oxygen.

The first symptom of folate deficiency that may appear in blood tests are abnormally large red blood cells that can’t function properly. Red blood cells must be healthy to carry oxygen throughout your body correctly. This leads to folate deficiency anemia, which causes fatigue. 

Another symptom of folate deficiency include peripheral neuropathy. You may start feeling a burning or numbing sensation in your body, mainly your hands and feet. This can happen because of damage to one or more groups of nerves. 

Another different folate deficiency symptom is cardiovascular disease. I often test the blood of clients who have had a heart problem. In these tests, I frequently find high levels of homocysteine. Additionally, I often find low levels of vitamin B12 and folate.

Folate deficiency

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Can Folate Deficiency Cause Depression?

Here you will discover the connection between folate deficiency and depression. Explore how inadequate levels of this vital nutrient may impact mental health, and learn about the latest research and recommendations to support optimal well-being.

A study by Pub Med shows that some individuals with depression have lower folate levels than those without depression. This tends to run in families.

I have been rather surprised at the simple ways to help someone that has symptoms of depression. Symptoms improve with treatment of testing for vitamin deficiency and then supporting as needed. It is quite rare that someone with symptoms of depression do not have low folate or b12 levels. The right supplements can easily support depression when we discover a true deficiency.

For instance, I had a mom bring in her young son with ADHD and depression. I recommended a folate supplement. His mood and focus got better, and his mom started taking it too, and her mood improved as well. Mom gave the other son and dad the folate, and the entire family’s mood improved.

What is Folate Deficiency and Why is it So Important?

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Folate is a type of B vitamin that your body needs to function at its best. Folate deficiency occurs when your body does not get enough of this vital nutrient.  A folic acid supplement is not the same.

There are many foods that are high in folate. Some examples include Brussel sprouts, eggs, legumes, broccoli, bananas, citrus fruits, nuts, seeds, beef liver, asparagus, dairy products, leafy green vegetables and fortified grains.

The problem with folic acid is not that your body needs folate. Suppose your body’s process, which converts folic acid to the usable form called folate, needs fixing. In that case, you will have folate deficiency symptoms and most likely symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency too.

Taking more folic acid or b12 will not help it convert better to folate.

You can easily test your b12, folate, all of your B vitamins and other vital nutrient levels here. 

What Causes Folate Deficiency?

Folate deficiency is caused by various factors, with diet and genetics playing significant roles. Low dietary intake of folate-rich foods, such as leafy greens, legumes, and fortified grains, can contribute to deficiency. Once you increase your intake of foods rich in folate, the symptoms of folate deficiency can be reduced.

Genetic issues can impact your body’s ability to absorb or utilize folate, such as mutations in genes involved in folate metabolism, like MTHFR.

Some people have a conversion problem and cannot convert folic acid to folate. This conversion process, primarily facilitated by enzymes in the body, can be hindered by genetic variations or underlying health conditions, leading to low folate levels despite adequate folic acid intake.

Another cause of folate deficiency is digestive system issues or malabsorption. When people are suffering from illnesses like Celiac or Crohn;s nutrients like folate may not absorb well. 

Other causes of folate deficiency are excessive alcohol, overcooking your fruits and vegetables hemolytic anemia, certain medications and kidney dialysis.



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