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Best Foods for Gut Health and Weight Loss

Best Foods for Gut Health and Weight Loss

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Best Foods for Gut Health and Weight Loss

If you are struggling with needing to know the best foods for gut health and weight loss, this story is perfect for you. 

I will never forget the female patient that was struggling to lose weight and heal her gut, and the culprit was a food intolerance to almonds. Her metabolic labs were perfect but when we ran labs for food intolerance the answers were shocking. 

As a whole, a food “allergy” will not directly affect weight loss, but the inflammation caused by a food “intolerance” or “sensitivity” will.

I cook a dish with parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans. A few hours later, I look like I gained weight and my stomach was upset. I tested myself for food sensitivities and parsnips were positive.

When you look at food reactions and how they affect your weight, it is vital to test two immune pathways (IgG and IgA), not just one.

IgG food allergy reactions will affect your entire body’s inflammation response, including weight loss or gain. Parsnips showed up for me in the IgG immune pathway, which made me swell whenever I ate them.

IgA food allergy reactions directly affect your gut and the ability to digest and break down a particular food.

Remember, the best foods for gut health and weight loss are personalized to YOUR own body’s response. 

Best Foods for Gut Health and Weight Loss


Can Food Allergies Affect Weight?

The simple answer to whether a food allergy affects weight is no, but an intolerance or sensitivity will.

It can be disheartening if you struggle to shed weight despite relentless efforts. While food allergies typically manifest as immediate and visible symptoms like coughing, sneezing, or itchy eyes, the subtler reactions of food intolerances often are delayed reactions, and fly under the radar. These intolerances, characterized by gut reactions and inflammation, can sabotage weight loss efforts, leaving you feeling frustrated and bewildered by your inability to lose weight, regardless of your dietary diligence.

Understanding the distinction between allergies and intolerances is crucial for addressing underlying issues hindering weight management goals.

Can Eating Allergens Cause Weight Gain?

Best Foods for Gut Health and Weight Loss

A mom brought her 14-year-old daughter in to see me. Mom was worried about her daughter and thought that food allergies were causing her to look very swollen from head to toe, and she was overweight.

Since she was only 14, we did not talk about weight loss as we did not want her to feel bad; we spoke of the word inflammation instead. She had one strong symptom of food allergies causing weight gain: an addictiveness to certain foods. She told me she is always hungry and will eat in the middle of the night when everyone else sleeps. And the food she craved was bread.

I ran my favorite food allergy test and added complete gluten intolerance to the panel. A gluten allergy showed up very high. Her emotional reaction to the results was like she was addicted to the food. Gluteomorphine was the most heightened reaction, indicating a morphine-like response to gluten.

The results were truly remarkable. Mom and the 14-year-old girl agreed to remove gluten from her diet. She lost weight, her appetite normalized, her school work improved, and so did her confidence and smile.

Can Food Allergies Prevent You From Losing Weight?

Another important aspect regarding food and weight is the categories of food. I often see a group of foods like fats or proteins test positive for food allergies preventing a client from losing weight. We have proteins, vegetables, fruit, fats, and grains.

We have all heard of good fat and bad fat. But what happens when good fat is terrible for weight loss? The result is that the person will struggle to lose weight until that group of foods is eliminated from their daily diet. 

I had a fitness expert come in to see me as a client. She exercises daily and eats a healthy diet but struggles to lose 10 pounds. We ran IgG / IgA food allergy testing to see what foods were best and worst for her to eat. To our surprise, almost every type of fat, nuts, seeds, olives, and fish tested high. 

The results were astonishing. She changed her diet to lean and green, removed most fats, and not only did she lose weight, but she felt stronger and looked younger. 

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