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Gut Health Supplements

Gut Health Supplements

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Which Gut Health Supplements are the Best? 

With 30 years of holistic nutrition expertise, I prioritize excellence when selecting gut health supplements for myself and my clients. I only trust spore-based probiotics for improving gut and immune health.

Spore-based probiotics are the best supplements for gut health. But what makes them stand out?

My spore probiotics help my clients have a good gut and immune system. Spore probiotics provide many health benefits by reconditioning your gut, not just repopulating it, and communicating better with your immune system.

Spore probiotics are alive, not dead. Bacillus spores allow them to remain dormant in harsh environments until they reach more favorable environments like your gastrointestinal tract. That is where they open and start working at colonizing your gut.

Most other probiotics are dead or do little to nothing for our gut health. Many gut health supplements die when they reach the intestinal tract.

Some companies claim that the more billions of probiotics in a bottle, the better for you, and diversity is best.

That is not necessarily the case. Researchers conduct studies on “individual” strains of bacteria at 1-5 billion. No studies of probiotic blends being beneficial at this level or higher.

Simply put, one bacteria will do one beneficial thing for gut health. If you mix strains of good bacteria, there is no guarantee they will survive. One of them might even produce harmful waste that can make you sick.

Did you know that no probiotic on the market has post-production testing except one?

Gut Health Supplements

Discover the hidden power of spore biotics for optimal health. Dive in, explore, and unleash your body's full potential. Read more about my favorite gut health supplements and thrive.

Is it Worth Taking Gut Health Supplements?

gut health supplements

It is worth taking gut health supplements if they are helping to improve your resistance to illness. Since 50% of your immune system is in your gut, it is wise to strengthen your microbiome.

Spore bacteria are very unique. They do not just go into your gut and overpopulate it with bacteria you do not need. Spore bacteria enter your gut, communicate with your gut bacteria, and remove the ones that don’t belong.

Another reason it is worth taking gut health supplements like probiotics is because we cannot get enough from food. Even fermented foods will not give you enough. Pesticides and fertilizers have eliminated the good bacteria from our food supply. When your grandparents ate a piece of fruit, it had spores; now, that fruit does not.

Another reason it is worth taking gut health supplements is to heal a leaky gut and reduce inflammation. Spore-based probiotics reduce inflammation and lessen the leaky gut, which causes a lower autoimmune response.

Lastly, the part I like the best is that these gut health supplements reduce or normalize the appetite. Reducing the hunger hormone in people can prevent overeating, which can help people lose weight. And, of course, you improve insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and so much more by reducing weight.

What is the Fastest Way to Improve Gut Health?

The fastest way to improve gut health is to start taking spore probiotics. These are beneficial bacteria that are on our planet. Some probiotic strains make what is called a spore or a shell. They do this to protect themselves from a harsh environment like your digestive tracts.

Spore bacteria in your gut kill harmful bacteria that cause gas, bloating, abnormal bowel movements, and other side effects. This improves the overall health of your gut microbiome and digestive system.

The spore bacteria will eliminate yeast, improving your gut health. If there is E coli, the spore bacteria will destroy it, and your gut health improves even more. Getting rid of the bad guys in your gut quickly enhances your health.

The second fastest way to improve gut health is to learn which foods lead to leaky gut and inflammation. I believe in testing, not guessing, before creating any diet meal plan for a client.

Gluten intolerance is enormous these days, and so are food reactions. But every person’s test result is unique to them. The test I run on my clients includes around 200 foods plus gluten. And it tests TWO immune pathways, not just one (IgG and IgA)

IgG is all about inflammation in the body, and IgA is all about gut health. If food is IgA-positive, it may hinder the absorption of nutrients.

To improve your gut health, focus on two key strategies that are the fastest and most effective. Adding my favorite spore-based probiotics to your daily routine can improve the good bacteria in your gut, promoting digestion and overall health. Additionally, testing for food intolerances is crucial in understanding your unique dietary needs.

Each person’s diet is unique. It is crucial to tailor your nutrition to your preferences and tolerances. This will lead to a healthier gut and a happier you. Following these strategies can create a healthy gut ecosystem, leading to better digestion and energy.

What is the #1 Probiotic?

gut health supplementsMicrobiome Labs makes the #1 probiotic called MegaSporeBiotic. It reconditions the gut by promoting microbial diversity and maintaining critical health-promoting bacteria.

Here are other vital points that make it the #1 probiotic.

It is a blend of 5 spores that maintain a healthy gut barrier and immune function
The spores remain closed until they reach the environment they need to go to work in.
It reconditions the gut; it does not simply reseed it with bacteria that does not do much.
Improves our resistance
Can survive stomach acid
Removes harmful bacteria from your gut
It helps the good bacteria have a healthier environment to live in
Reduces inflammation and helps heal leaky gut
Reduces the hunger hormone to normalize appetite
Improves communication between the gut and brain
Helps improve autoimmunity


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