IGG Food Intolerance Test

IGG Food Intolerance Test

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IgG Food Intolerance Test 

This blog section will tell you how to test for food intolerance and why both IgG and IgA immune pathways are vital to test. When you order an IgG Food Intolerance Test from us, we immediately mail you the test kit. Next, we send you the name and location of a facility near you that will perform the blood draw. Most labs have a small blood draw fee for this service. They will send your blood sample to our lab and begin testing. 

Our comprehensive test for food intolerance will test for 206 common foods and additives like preservatives, artificial sweeteners, thickeners, and color dyes. 

The proteins in food cause the most inflammation and food intolerance symptoms in your body. For example, gluten and the proteins in grains are a huge problem for many. When I have a client with extreme inflammation, an inability to lose weight or even cancer concerns, I want to eliminate the problematic proteins from their diet to reduce the symptoms and enhance their health.

I strongly believe in Food Intolerance Testing so you know precisely which proteins and foods are safe or unsafe for you to eat. 

The IgG immune pathway reactions cause inflammation anywhere in the body. The IgA immune pathway reactions cause gut symptoms

IGG Food Intolerance Test

Why Our IgG Food Intolerance Test? Because We Do Not Leave Off IgA!

How do You Test for Food Intolerance?

Our way of testing for food intolerance is very different from your traditional allergen test. Most food allergy tests involve an antigen injected below the skin surface to see if your body reacts.

How do you properly test for food intolerance? The answer is by checking for protein reactions from the foods in the IgG and IgA immune pathway. When you eat a food you are intolerant to, your body produces IgG or IgA antibodies to protect you from these problem foods. IgG indicates inflammation anywhere in the body and is the marker for foods inhibiting weight loss. IgA is the antibody for the gut lining and absorption. If you are intolerant to a particular food or group of foods, Igg and IgA antibodies are already circulating in your blood and can be detected in our food intolerance test.

Your food intolerance test results will show the problematic foods in dark pink for a severe reaction or yellow for a moderate one. This way, you know if you need to eliminate or reduce the food from your diet.

Doesn’t it sound great to only buy the foods your body is okay eating? 

What are the Three Most Common Food Intolerances?

IGG Food Intolerance Test
  • Casein or Lactose 
  • Gluten 
  • Egg 

The casein protein is one of the most complex proteins to digest and break down. When we eat the food, our body may react like it has an intolerance to it through adverse symptoms.

Some dairy intolerance symptoms are acne, eczema, itching, bloating, irritable bowel, diarrhea, brain fog, and respiratory symptoms like shortness of breath, joint pain, inflammation, and weight gain.

Gluten intolerance affects one out of seven people. Symptoms can vary from autoimmunity, shortness of breath, joint pain, bloating, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, hair loss, eczema, psoriasis, brain fog, irritability, insomnia, and pain.

Egg intolerance is seen in many people. Almost every food intolerance test I run shows an egg intolerance. Symptoms are skin inflammation, hives, eczema, itchy or runny nose, rhinitis, coughing, shortness of breath, bloating, nausea, or diarrhea.

Our IgG food intolerance test looks at ALL 3 of these foods in the IgG and IgA immune pathways. 

Are Food Intolerance Tests Accurate?

IGG Food Intolerance TestThere are many food intolerance tests on the market. Some are accurate; some are not. Nutritionally Yours trusts two labs for food intolerance testing, and our IgG / IgA lab is one of them. Here is why.

If you have never heard my parsnip story, here it is. I have used other food intolerance labs in the past, but when I ran a double-masked study, they lost my trust, not this one!

I love parsnips; they look like white carrots and taste delicious. After discovering them, I would eat them with other root vegetables and greens once a week. But after my meal, I looked and felt inflamed in my gut. It felt and looked like I had gained 10 pounds within 1 hour.

I tried an elimination diet, but it did not pinpoint the problem food. I had to listen to my advice and test myself for food intolerance. I did a double-masked study and had to chuckle, as parsnips were toxic. No wonder…….

Parsnips are not an everyday food, and there was no way this lab knew I loved parsnips.
I sadly eliminated parsnips from my diet, and the inflammation disappeared, and I felt great again.

The other reason I find this food intolerance test accurate is the hundreds if not thousands of tests I have run on clients in my office. All of them looked at their results and smiled as they were getting the answers they needed to what to eat and avoid.


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