Toxins Bundle (Environment, Mold, Metals)

Toxins Bundle (Environment, Mold, Metals)

This test covers THREE toxins tests in ONE easy urine test at a reduced price.



Easy urine test for 3 categories of toxins. Environmental toxins are everywhere! Toxins, Chemicals, Mold, and Heavy Metals can cause hormone imbalance, weight gain, cognitive decline, rapid aging, pain and inflammation, chronic illnesses, and even cancer. By understanding your body’s toxin levels, you can take proactive steps to reduce exposure, promote detoxification, and safeguard your overall well-being. Furthermore, toxin testing empowers you to make informed lifestyle choices and mitigate the adverse effects of environmental pollutants on your health.

Once your order is placed, we mail you the test kit bundle right away. They are all done with one easy urine sample. Then, your results are emailed to you within 4 weeks of completing the tests along with a customized protocol from Alane Wincek, Owner, Holistic Nutritionist & Naturopath.

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