By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNCadrenal fatigue test

What is an adrenal fatigue test, and how can it help you feel healthier, happier, and more energetic? 

We hear several concerns almost daily from people wanting to know how to test for adrenal fatigue and adrenal insufficiency, to learn if they have burnt themselves out.

Adrenal fatigue is real! It happens to the best of us. One day we are fine, a week later, we feel feel tired, and a few weeks later, we are totally burnt out.

Adrenal fatigue can happen for many reasons:
a chronic illness, taking care of a loved one that is sick, over- exercising, working a high-stress job, staying up late and getting very little sleep, being a perfectionist, lack of self-care, over use of caffeine, trying to be superman or wonder woman, difficult relationship and the list goes on and life.

Running an adrenal fatigue test through saliva testing is a proven way to learn more about your energy and cortisol levels. If your cortisol is “flatlined,” then yes, there is total adrenal burnout. But no worries, we can teach you what to do to support adrenal fatigue to feel better.

A standard cortisol levels curve should feel like a typical day.  It starts with high cortisol when you wake up in the morning to start your day. Then, at noon, the cortisol starts to drop a bit, mid-afternoon, the cortisol decreases a little more, and then at night, it should be at the lowest so you can sleep. If your cortisol curve is high in the morning, then drops tremendously at noon, you will have zero energy to enjoy your afternoon and maybe end up stressing out during the evening. And if cortisol jumps back up at night, you will be tossing and turning.

Many times we hear from people that have dealt with a chronic illness. We are a Lyme Literate wellness clinic, so we talk to many people with Lyme Disease. The majority will show burnout on an adrenal fatigue test due to the stress of their illness. Over time, as their condition improves and adrenals are nourished, they can get back to doing things they love to do in life, like being active again.

An adrenal fatigue test is a terrific way to discover if your cortisol is low, up and down, spiking high, or flatlined. All test results come with a protocol to help you know what to do.

We also have saliva test kits that contain an adrenal fatigue test + hormones, so you can get more information in one easy test kit .

For more assistance for adrenal fatigue, consider booking a virtual wellness appointment so I can help you more! My goal is to help you feel fantastic again!

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