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Here are Top Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms in Women

Here are Top Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms in Women

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Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms

Here are Top Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms in Women. 

Alane Wincek, ND, CNC
certified, holistic nutritionist, metabolic specialist, author
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December 30, 2022

Here Are Top Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms in Women. 

There are some surprising, essential vitamins you should be getting and may not be. As a certified holistic nutritionist, I strive to make sure my clients are not suffering from vitamin deficiency symptoms like these.

  • Iron deficiency and anemia is the most common vitamin deficiency symptom in women. 
  • Poor bone health is a top vitamin deficiency symptom for many women. 
  • Hair loss is a symptom I hear daily in my clinic from women. 
  • Immune challenges can be linked to vitamin and mineral deficiency. 
  • Women suffering from fatigue or brain fog are symptoms that can easily be supported by finding out your vitamin deficiencies. 
  • Insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, irritability are all symptoms many women deal with and the root cause may be a simply vitamin need. 
  • Heart disease is rising in our women these days and I always consider their symptoms to be from diet or a genetic vitamin deficiency. 
  • A common symptom of a vitamin deficiency is numbness or tingling in the hands or feet.

Does Low Vitamin D Affect Female Hormones? 

I will do almost anything to make sure my hormones are balanced.  If females are low in vitamin D it can lead to hormone symptoms like low estrogen, night sweats, depression, fatigue, no sleeping well and hair loss.

Other symptoms of low vitamin D are weak bones and muscles and constant sickness. 

Vitamin D is difficult to get from food alone. The best sources are the flesh of fatty fish and fish liver oils. Smaller amounts are in egg yolks, cheese, and beef liver. Some food is fortified with vitamin D, but it is not enough for females or the correct type. 

For example, D2 is the type of vitamin D that is fortified in foods like cereals, but it is D3 that we need. Plenty of studies prove that D3 raises the blood level of vitamin D better than D2

What are the Symptoms of Low Calcium in Females?

I run intracellular blood work for the functionality of their vitamins and minerals. Calcium is a mineral I see testing low in most female clients.

Some of their symptoms are weak bones, extreme fatigue, poor oral health, insomnia, anxiety, muscle pains and spasms, abnormal heart rhythm, and parathyroid disease.   

On average, I see many women aged 50-60 in my clinic with sudden hypothyroid symptoms. When I check their thyroid levels, they are fine, but their PTH or parathyroid hormone levels are low. If PTH is low, their calcium levels have dropped, causing weight gain and hypothyroid symptoms.

The underlying cause of hypoparathyroidism is usually low calcium levels.

What is the Most Common Vitamin Deficiency in Women?

According to research,  iron and anemia are is the most common vitamin deficiency among women all over the world.  Symptoms of this vitamin deficiency are hair loss, pale skin, extreme fatigue, cold hands and feet, weakness, and many times I also see other vitamin deficiencies like B vitamins. 

Here are some other iron deficiency symptoms in women that you may not think of. 

  • exercise intolerance
  •  poor work productivity
  • fibromyalgia syndrome
  • restless legs syndrome
  • neurocognitive dysfunction which can lead to anxiety or depression.


Here is another article I wrote called What are the Best Hair Growth Vitamins? 

Are the Vitamins From Food Enough? 


If you are a woman that feels that eating a healthy diet is enough so get enough vitamins, you may be surprised. As a whole, not even the best diet contains enough vitamins from food. It is highly possible for women to be vitamin deficient. 

When I think back to all the incredible women I have met and helped, I will never forget one lady that was sure her vitamin levels were acceptable because she took a food-based vitamin complex every day.

When I ran comprehensive vitamin and mineral testing on her, she was shocked at all her vitamin deficiencies. Then she did start to confess some of her symptoms with me that were linked to the specific deficiencies.

How Can I Get My Vitamin Levels Checked? 


Many people order our comprehensive vitamin test every month. It is always best to check your vitamin levels in the blood and at the intracellular level. Looking at the intracellular level of your vitamin and mineral levels tells you their “functionality” of them, not simply what s static in the blood.

If you are concerned about vitamin deficiency symptoms, check your levels before starting on any vitamin protocol. Only take what your body needs.



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