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IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE TOP THYROID TEST YOU FOUND IT. We understand the right way to test thyroid levels so nothing gets missed. Your health is too important.  


*Thyroid Test * Thyroid Blood Test at Home 

Are You Experiencing Hypothyroid Symptoms Like Weight Gain, Brain Fog or Fatigue? 


If you are like most of our thyroid clients, you already know that you have a thyroid problem, but no one has found it. If you have a thyroid issue, our thyroid blood test WILL find it!


There are two ways to test: My favorite is the blood draw. No worries, we will find a facility near you to perform the blood draw. 


Thyroid SAMPLE (Blood draw)

Thyroid  SAMPLE (Blood Spot)

thyroid test



  • Support the thyroid where needed and watch energy improve to do more things in life that you enjoy.
  • See if there is a sluggish metabolism that needs a boost so your body can drop the weight you want to lose easier.
  • Support the thyroid properly and see improved hair quality.
  • Improved moisture and reduced dryness can be enjoyed when the thyroid is working right.
  • Women especially have experienced a reduced amount of hot or cold flashes, so they feel less “hormonal”.
  • See if there is autoimmunity against the thyroid; we help you know what to do and stock the thyroid attacks.
  • Constipation can be improved – things can get moving again when the thyroid is working right.
  • Many times cholesterol levels improve when the thyroid is correctly supported, which improves overall heart health. YAY.
  • When the thyroid is working well, mental clarity is optimal. You get to accomplish more tasks in a day, staying focused. 
  • There always is mood improvement when the thyroid levels are improved.
  • Life enjoyment! When you have optimal energy, you can enjoy life more.
  • Improved sex drive with optimal thyroid function.

These videos are to be used to support optimal health and wellness and provide you information so you can improve your wellness.
If you are not feeling well see your medical doctor.

Why not just do a TSH test? Simple….it  is not enough!

Using a basic thyroid test that checks for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) will only give you a basic understanding of your thyroid function. If TSH is over 1.8, you may be suffering from hypothyroid symptoms and benefit from natural thyroid support. It is beneficial to also test for Free T3 and Free T4, which are made in the liver, as they also affect thyroid function.  If either Free T3 or Free T4 are low you may be suffering from hypothyroid symptoms, even if TSH is within normal limits.

Don’t Forget the Antibodies in a Thyroid Test!

If Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) ab or Thyroid Antithyroglobulin ab are positive this indicates autoimmunity against the thyroid gland or Hashimoto’s.

Thyroid Test SAMPLE (Blood draw)

Thyroid  Test SAMPLE (Blood Spot)

How Does our Thyroid Test Work?
It’s simple! You order the thyroid blood test that you want.
Blood Draw: we will mail you a test kit with the name and address of a blood draw facility near you (additional blood draw fee may apply)
Blood Spot: we mail you the test kit and you collect the sample at home.

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Nutritionally Yours has GREAT Customer Service!
Nutritionally Yours cares about YOU!
Nutritionally Yours has been helping people for many, many years and we can help YOU too!

Have questions about products on our site? We are here to help you!

Please feel free to contact us via email:  alanepndsupport@gmail.com, or by phone at: 678-372-2913. 

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